Annex E-3 - Imported Specialty Foods

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1. Introduction

Specialty Foods, as defined by the Food and Drug Regulations, may be exempted from bilingual labelling requirements on a case by case basis. Meat products imported specifically for Passover are considered specialty foods.

2. Legislation

Food and Drug Regulations B.01.012 (1):

"Specialty Food" means a food that:

  1. has special religious significance and is used in religious ceremonies; or,
  2. is an imported food:
    1. that is not widely used by the population as a whole in Canada; and,
    2. for which there is no readily available substitute that is manufactured, processed, produced or packaged in Canada and that is generally accepted as being a comparable substitute.

2.1 Food and Drug Regulations

Section B.01.012(7)(2) does not apply to a specialty food if the information required by these Regulations to be shown on the label thereon is shown in one of the official languages.

2.2 Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990

97.(7) Subsection (1) does not apply in respect to a specialty product if the information required by these Regulations to be shown on the label of a meat product is shown in one of the official languages.

3. Labelling of Kosher Foods

Kosher foods, in general, are not considered to be specialty foods. The following exemptions have been allowed for Kosher products.

3.1 Imported Kosher Foods for Passover

The following are the conditions under which imported meat products for Passover may be exempt from the requirements for bilingual labelling.

  1. The meat and meat products must be prepared specifically for Passover and must bear a label stating: "Specially Prepared for Passover". This is a requirement under Kashruth (Kosher Law), as food prepared for Passover must not come into contact with food prepared for non Passover consumption.
  2. All import inspection requirements for meat and meat products apply.
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