Final Report of an Audit Conducted In Argentina September 9th, through September 25th, 2013
Evaluating the Food Safety Systems Governing the Production of Beef And Poultry Meat Products Intended for Export to Canada

4. Background

Argentina is currently eligible to export certain beef products to Canada. Between January and December 31, 2012, Argentina exported 815,167 kilograms of processed beef to Canada. Beef is currently the only species approved for export to Canada, and the list of products exported has been limited due to FMD.

CFIA performed an audit of Argentina's chemical residue control program in in 2010 and has been following up on Argentina's action plan to correct the findings of this audit. CFIA has performed some documentation review and a separate correspondence is being prepared to summarise those findings. Since then, the Animal Health branch of the CFIA determined that Argentina has the necessary controls in place to allow the import of raw beef to Canada, so long as the audit of the meat inspection system is acceptable.

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