Labelling Requirements for Processed Products
Size Grading of Vegetables

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The following vegetables shall be graded by size, to indicate the size of the vegetable [31(g), 40, PPR]:

  • Asparagus (tips or spears) - canned or frozen
  • Beans (green or wax) - canned or frozen
  • Cut carrots - (cut carrots - baby whole style, cut carrots - whole style, whole baby carrots, whole carrots) – frozen
  • Lima beans - canned or frozen
  • Peas - canned or frozen
  • Potatoes (whole, white) - canned or frozen
  • Brussels Sprouts - frozen: in this case, the size grading is optional

Declaration of Size Grading

The declaration of size grading of vegetables must be declared on the label as follows:

  • The number designation or the word designation as prescribed in Schedule VI of the PPR;
  • When the product contains two or more sizes, the description "ASSORTED SIZES" or "MIXED SIZES" must be used; or
  • When the product is not graded by size, the label must state "UNGRADED AS TO SIZE" (does not apply to brussels sprouts) [40(1)c), PPR]

The words "whole carrot" and "cut carrots-whole style" have the same meaning as in Schedule I, Table II. [40(2), PPR]

Size grading declarations must be shown in English and French, in letters of at least 1.6 mm high based on the lower-case letter "o", on any label panel, except the bottom of the container [32, 36(1), 42(2), PPR].

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