Labelling Requirements for Processed Products

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Acidified low-acid food product

A food product that has been treated by pickling or fermentation so as to attain an equilibrium pH of 4.6 or lower after heat processing; (produit alimentaire peu acide à pH réduit) [2, PPR]

Brine pack

A pack in which a water and salt solution is used as the packing media with or without the addition of sugar; (conservé dans la saumure) [2, PPR]

Commercial sterility

The condition of a food product that is free from viable forms of microorganisms, including spores, capable of growing in the food product above a temperature of 4°C; (stérilité commerciale) [2, PPR]


The package in which a food product is offered for sale; (contenant) [2, PPR]

Grade name

A prescribed name, mark or designation of a category and includes a standard prescribed for an agricultural product [2, Canada Agricultural Products Act (CAPA)]

Heavy Pack

A pack in which a minimum amount of water required for proper processing is used as the packing media; (conserve épaisse) [2, PPR]

Hermetically sealed container

A container that is designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms including spores; (contenant hermétiquement scellé) [2, PPR].


Any printed, stenciled, lithographed or embossed label, sticker, seal, wrapper, stencil or receptacle; (étiquette) [2, PPR]

Prepackaged product

Any product that is packaged in a container in such a manner that it is ordinarily sold to or used or purchased by a consumer without being re-packaged; (produit préemballé) [2, PPR]


In respect of a food product, canned, cooked, frozen, concentrated, pickled or otherwise prepared to assure preservation of the food product in transport, distribution and storage, but does not include the final cooking or preparation of a food product for use as a meal or part of a meal such as may be done by restaurants, hospitals, food centres, catering establishments, central kitchens or similar establishments where food products are prepared for consumption rather than for extended preservation; (transformé) [2, PPR]

Registered establishment

An establishment that is registered pursuant to subsection 11(1); (établissement agréé) [2, PPR]

Registration number

A unique registration number is assigned to establishments registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Products regulated by the PPR and marketed in interprovincial trade, export trade or marked with a Canadian grade must be prepared in a registered establishment.

Shipping container

A receptacle, package or wrapper in which containers of food products are placed for transportation; (contenant d'expédition) [2, PPR]

Solid pack

A pack in which the fruit or vegetable has been partially or wholly precooked before processing so as to allow the product to pack closely with the minimum amount of free liquid; (conserve compacte) [2, PPR]

Syrup pack

A pack in which sugar, invert sugar, honey, dextrose or glucose, in dry or liquid form, is used with water as the packing media; (conservé dans le sirop) [2, PPR]

Vacuum pack

A pack in which a minimum amount of packing media is used and the vacuum in the can is created mechanically; (conservé sous vide) [2, PPR]

Water Pack

A pack in which water is used as the packing media. (conservé dans l'eau) [2, PPR]

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