Nutrition Facts Table Formats
Alternate Methods of Presentation

The FDR provides for alternatives in the presentation of nutrition information. For many of the formats, but not all formats, small prepackaged products may use "Alternative Methods of Presentation".

When the FDR permits these alternative methods, the Nutrition Facts table may be set out on:

  1. a tag attached to the package;
  2. package insert;
  3. the inner side of a label;
  4. a fold-out label; or
  5. an outer sleeve, overwrap or collar.

Any version (size) of the permitted formats of the Nutrition Facts table may be used. In the case of (b) or (c), the outer label of the prepackaged product shall indicate in a type size of not less than 8 points where the Nutrition Facts table is located [B.01.466, FDR].

Nutrition Facts Table Formats on Tags

The Available Display Surface for Tags section provides information for situations in which a Nutrition Facts table may alternatively be presented on a tag attached to a package.

When the NFT is set out on a tag, it must be set out in a format and size described in one of the following sections of the FDR:

  • B.01.454(6) Standard and Horizontal Formats;
  • B.01.455(5) Simplified Formats;
  • B.01.456(4) Dual Format – Foods Requiring Preparation;
  • B.01.457(4) Aggregate Format – Different Kinds of Foods;
  • B.01.458(4) Dual Format – Different Amounts of Food;, or
  • B.01.459(4) Aggregate Format – Different Amounts of Food.
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