Labelling Requirements for Meat and Poultry Products
Other Required Markings

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Ready to Eat

If any meat product is not a ready-to-eat meat product but has the appearance of or could be mistaken for a ready-to-eat meat product, the meat product shall bear the following information on its label [94(6.1), MIR]:

  • the words "must be cooked", "cook and serve", "raw product", "uncooked" or any equivalent words or word as part of the common name of the product to indicate that the product requires cooking before consumption; and
  • comprehensive cooking instructions such as an internal temperature-time relationship that, if followed, will result in a ready-to-eat meat product.

No meat product label can bear any word or words that could indicate or suggest that the meat product is a ready-to-eat meat product unless the meat product complies with section 22 of the MIR [94(6.2), MIR].

May Contain Kidneys – Poultry

Dressed carcasses that are derived from a young chicken or young duck, or a portion thereof, that may contain kidneys, must contain the words "May contain kidneys" on their labels [94, MIR].

Previously Frozen Meat and Poultry Products

Any meat, meat by-products, poultry meat and poultry by-products that has been frozen and thawed prior to sale must declare the words "previously frozen" on their principal display panel or on a sign displayed close to the food in letters that are legible and discernible. This includes both prepackaged and non-prepackaged products. When declared on the principal display panel, these words must either be close to the common name of the food in letters that are the same size as those used for the common name or anywhere on the principal display panel in letters that are at least ¼ of an inch (6.4 mm) in height.

If part of one of these foods has been frozen and thawed prior to sale, the words "Made from fresh and frozen portions" or "Made from fresh and frozen (naming the food)" must be declared [B.01.080, FDR].

As per the FDR, "frozen" means preserved by freezing temperatures and does not include any surface freezing that may occur during holding and transportation [B.01.080, FDR].

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