Labelling Requirements for Honey Products
Grade Designation for Honey Products

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The grade or grade designation is required on the label of all honey (prepackaged honey for the consumer and honey packaged from bulk) that is subject to the Honey Regulations.

Honey to which the Honey Regulations apply, that is sound, wholesome and fit for human consumption but does not meet the requirements of Canada No. 1, Canada No. 2 or Canada No. 3 grade, shall be marked "substandard". Substandard grades are not permitted for imported products.

Grades (domestic product or repackaged imported product) or Grade designations are used in the following cases:

  • Where regulations require the grade designation to be declared on the label;
  • When the product has been manufactured, graded and repackaged in a registered establishment [5.1(a) & (b), HR]; or the product was imported and sold in its original container [47(1)(c)(ii), 47(1)(d)(ii), HR].

A grade declaration on a product for which a grade standard is prescribed cannot be used unless the honey establishment is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Canadian Honey or repackaged and graded Imported Honey:

  • Canada No. 1
  • Canada No. 2
  • Canada No. 3
  • substandard / sous-régulière (see above)

Imported Honey in original containers

  • Grade No. 1 / Catégorie No. 1
  • Grade No. 2 / Catégorie No. 2
  • Grade No. 3 / Catégorie No. 3

[5.(1), 5.1(a) & (b), 7, 35(1)(a)(ii), 36(1)(b), 47(1)(c), 47(1)(d)(ii), Schedule 1, Table III, HR]

Note: Combining declarations of country of origin and grade is not permitted, e.g. "Product of / Produit du Canada No. 1" is not a permitted statement.

For prepackaged honey for the consumer, the grade or grade designation must appear in English and French on the principal display surface of the label, in a type height specified in the table Type Height for Net Quantity, Grade and Colour Declarations [35(1)(a)(ii), 47(1)(c), 47(2), 47(4), HR].

See the Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Honey and Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Packages and Bulk Containers of Honey for further details on language, legibility and location of grade declarations.

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