Labelling Requirements for Honey Products
Common Name – Honey Products

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Prepackaged honey for the consumer and honey packed in bulk must declare the common name of the food, as outlined below. See the Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Honey and Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Packages and Bulk Containers of Honey for details on language, legibility and location of this declaration.

Honey Covered by the Honey Regulations

Acceptable common names include "honeydew honey", "Lavender honey", "Rubinia honey", "alfalfa honey", "Banksia menziesii honey", or the name "honey" either alone or accompanied by the name of the blossom (e.g. clover honey), whichever is applicable [35(1), 36(1), 47(1)(c)(i), 47(1)(d)(i), Schedule I Table IV, HR]. The composition standards for each of the variety honeys is found in Table IV, Schedule I of the Honey Regulations.

Honey and Honey Products Not Covered by the Honey Regulations

The common name for honey is prescribed in Sections B.18.025-B.18.027 of the Food and Drug Regulations. Products described as honey must meet these standards of identity.

If a honey is combined with another ingredient, such as a flavour, royal jelly, or other, the common name must describe how the product deviates from the standard (i.e. strawberry flavoured honey, honey with royal jelly, etc. ). For all other products, such as Royal Jelly, the common name must be descriptive of the product.

Refer to Common Name for more information.

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