Labelling Requirements for Honey Products

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Bulk Container

A container that has a weight capacity of more than 5 kg [2, HR].


A grade established for honey pursuant to Part I [2, HR].

Grade Designation

"No. 1", "No. 2", or "No. 3" [2, HR].


A uniform blend of honey in a batch or in a storage tank from which honey is drawn for processing or grading [2, HR].

Liquid Honey

Extracted honey that has been treated to make it completely liquid and is packed in a container marked "liquid" [2, HR].


Any box, carton, crate or case, or any outer covering or wrapper, in which prepackaged honey or bulk containers of honey are packed [2, HR].


In relation to honey, means treated in a registered pasteurizing establishment by the controlled application of heat so that the honey is free of viable sugar-tolerant yeasts [2, HR].

Prepackaged Honey

Extracted honey that is packaged in a container in such a manner that it is ordinarily sold to or used or purchased by a consumer without being repackaged [2, HR].

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