Labelling Requirements for Honey Products
Other Required Markings

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The labels of prepackaged honey for the consumer and honey packaged from bulk that is subject to the Honey Regulations must carry the following information, where applicable:

  • the word "liquid" (liquide)
  • the word "creamed" (en crème) or any other word indicating that the contents are granulated
  • the word "pasteurized" (pasteurisé) (Domestic only) if treated in a registered pasteurizing establishment
  • the word "pressed" (de presse)

[35(1)(a)(v), 47(1)(c)(vii), HR [36(1)(g), 47(1)(d)(vii), HR]

See the Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Honey and Summary Table of Labelling Requirements for Packages and Bulk Containers of Honey for details on language, legibility and location of these markings.

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