Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Identity and Principal Place of Business - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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The identity and principal place of business of the person (individual, corporation, business, head office, distributor, importer, etc. ) by or for whom the product was manufactured or produced for resale must be shown on the label [B.01.007(1.1)(a), FDR; 10(b)(i), CPLA; 10(2)(d), 23(c), FFVR].

On master containers, where the name and address is easily and clearly discernible in or on the inner container without opening the outer container, the name and address need not be shown on the outer container [23, FFVR].

The name and address should be complete in order to allow communication in writing with the responsible party.

Additional descriptive wording, such as "Packed for", "Packed by" is optional.

Providing additional information such as telephone number, e-mail address, website, etc., is at the discretion of the responsible party.

More than one name and address may be displayed on the label, as long as at least one complete mailing address is provided.

The identity and principal place of business may be shown anywhere on the label, except that part which is applied to the bottom of the container [B.01.005, B.01.007 (1.1)(a), FDR; 13, CPLR; 10(7), FFVR]. The letters must be at least 1.6 mm in height based on the lower-case letter "o" [12(3), FFVR; 15, CPLR].

The name and the address may be shown in either French or English [B.01.012 (9); 6(2), CPLR].

If wording such as "Packed by", "Packed for", etc., is displayed with the name and address on the label of a prepackaged container it should appear in both French and English; if this wording appears on master or shipping containers it may appear in French and/or English.

For more information, refer to Identity and Principal Place of Business.

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