Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Includes fresh, whole fruit and vegetables, fresh-cut (minimally processed) fruit and vegetables such as shredded cabbage, mixed or blended fruit or vegetables such as bagged mixed salad (without dressing, croutons, bacon bits, etc.) and coleslaw, fresh herbs, sprouts, and edible fungi.

Subject to the FFVR.

Shipping Container

Contains non-prepackaged, loose produce that is not destined for sale directly to consumers.

Master Container

An outer container in which containers of prepackaged produce, which display a net quantity, are packed.

Bulk Container

A large capacity shipping container.

Principal Display Surface

The principal display surface of a package is the surface of a container that is displayed or visible under normal or customary conditions of sale or use [See 2, FFVR for complete definition].

Principal Display Panel

The part of the label applied to all or part of the principal display surface [2, FFVR].

Canadian Unit

A unit of measure set out in Schedule II to the Weights and Measures Act [2, FFVR].

Country of Origin

The country in which the produce was grown [2, FFVR].

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