Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Specific Requirements for Apples and Potatoes

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Pursuant to the FFVR, there are specific requirements for certain containers of produce.

Tags on Apple Bags

All mandatory information required under the FFVR (e.g., grade, country of origin, size, variety, registration number, etc.) may be printed on a tag attached to a prepackaged container of apples [Test Market List].

Declaration of Variety on Apples

Every label applied to a container of apples must show the name of the variety of the apples [10(3), FFVR; 32(3), CPLR; Test Market List].

The declaration of apple variety may be shown on any part of the label except that part of the label, if any, applied to the bottom of a container [10(7), FFVR]. Alternatively, the apple variety may be displayed on a tag attached to a prepackaged bag of apples [Test Market List]. The declaration of apple variety required to be shown on the label (or tag) of a container of apples shall be shown in print that is at least 1.6 mm in height [12(3), FFVR].

Diameter Size Range on Apples

Unless the container is transparent, an open basket of not more than 11 quarts capacity, or contains apples of Canada Commercial Cookers grade, every label applied to a container of untiered (not in a tray pack) apples shall show one of the diameter size ranges for apples as shown below [10(4), 10(5), 25, 4(1)(c) of Part I, Schedule I, FFVR].

  • 60 mm (2 ⅜ inches) to 63 mm (2 ½ inches),
  • 60 mm (2 ⅜ inches) to 70 mm (2 ¾ inches),
  • 60 mm (2 ⅜ inches) and up,
  • 63 mm (2 ½ inches) to 70 mm (2 ¾ inches),
  • 63 mm (2 ½ inches) to 76 mm (3 inches),
  • 63 mm (2 ½ inches) and up,
  • 70 mm (2 ¾ inches) to 76 mm (3 inches),
  • 70 mm (2 ¾ inches) and up, or
  • 76 mm (3 inches) and up.

The diameter size range must be shown immediately adjacent to the grade name in the same type height size, which varies in accordance with the principal display surface [25, FFVR].

Yellow Fleshed Potatoes

The declaration of yellow fleshed potatoes is voluntary in accordance with a test market [Test Market List]. However, if declared it must be displayed in the following manner:

  • "yellow fleshed", where the common name of the produce is shown elsewhere on the container; or
  • "yellow fleshed potatoes", where the common name of the produce is not shown elsewhere on the container [10(6.1), FFVR].

The declaration of "yellow fleshed" or "yellow fleshed potatoes", if declared, must be shown on the principal display surface, in bold face type, in letters, the height of which varies, in proportion to the principal display surface [10(6.1), FFVR, Test Market List].

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