Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Registration Number

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A registration number is a unique number assigned by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to an establishment that meets the conditions set out in sections 59 and 60 of the FFVR [56(3), FFVR]. Registration of establishments is voluntary under the FFVR.

Every lot of produce conveyed interprovincially from a registered establishment shall clearly and prominently display the establishment registration number inside the Canada Produce Legend as shown in Schedule IV of the FFVR [63, FFVR; Test Market List].

The registration number may be shown anywhere on the label, except that part which is applied to the bottom of the container. Alternatively, the registration number may be displayed on each palletized unit of produce in a lot [63, FFVR; Test Market List].

The numerical quantities in the declaration of the registration number on prepackaged, master or shipping containers must be shown in bold-face type in numerals the height of which varies in proportion to the principal display surface (see the type size requirements in Net Quantity – Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for more information).

The declaration of the registration number of the registered establishment, when clearly affixed to a palletized unit of produce, shall be shown in bold-face type in a minimum of ¾ inch (19.0 millimetres) in height [Test Market List].

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