Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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This document explains in detail the labelling requirements for fresh fruit and vegetables subject to the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Regulations (FFVR) under the Canada Agricultural Products Act (CAPA). This Act and these Regulations apply in respect of all produce that is marketed in import or interprovincial trade, supplied fresh to the consumer or for food processing, graded or otherwise.

The labelling requirements for fresh fruit and vegetables subject to the FFVR are stated in Part II - Packaging and Labelling of the FFVR. Fresh fruit and vegetables may also be subject to the following Acts and Regulations:

In the case of produce to which the CPLR apply, all information required by the FFVR to be shown on a label shall be shown in the manner that would be required if the information were information prescribed by the CPLR [10(8), FFVR]. The labelling requirements detailed in the following sections are specific to fresh fruit and vegetable products. They are in addition to the core labelling and voluntary claims and statements requirements of the Industry Labelling Tool that apply to all prepackaged foods.

The following labelling requirements are intended for prepackaged, master and shipping containers. Labelling requirements for bulk containers are the same as those for shipping containers. Unless otherwise noted, the information provided in each of the following sections is applicable to all container types.

Please refer to Table 1 - Summary of Labelling Requirements for Prepackaged Containers, Table 2 - Summary of Labelling Requirements for Master Containers and Table 3 - Summary of Labelling Requirements for Shipping Containers for a summary of the labelling requirements for each container type.


All labelling requirements must be declared in French and English on prepackaged containers [6(2), CPLR; B.01.012(2), FDR].

Master and shipping containers destined to a commercial or industrial enterprise or institution are exempt from the bilingual requirement provided that the containers and their contents are not resold as a one unit prepackaged product to a consumer at the retail level and all mandatory information is shown in one of the official languages [B.01.012(11), FDR]. For more information, refer to Bilingual Labelling.

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