Labelling Requirements for Fish and Fish Products
Nutrition Labelling - Fish and Fish Products

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Raw, single ingredient marine or freshwater animal products (in fresh or frozen form) are usually exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table. This includes fish, crustaceans and combinations of raw, single ingredient marine or fresh water animal products (e.g. a mixture of raw single ingredient shrimp and scallops) [B.01.401(2)(b)(iv), FDR].

Smoked fish is not a single-ingredient food since smoke must be declared and salt is added; therefore, it is not exempt from carrying a NFT.

Sport Fish

If a registered processor custom-processes sport-caught fish, charges a fee for the service of processing the fish for personal consumption by the fisher, and the fish is returned in a package, then no sale is involved and an NFT is not required [B.01.004(2), FDR].

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