Labelling Requirements for Fish and Fish Products
Net Quantity - Fish and Fish Products

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The net quantity declaration on prepackaged fish is mandatory unless the container or label states that the contents are to be weighed at the time of retail sale (catch weight) [25(1)(b), 26(1)(b), FIR].


The following specified fish products must indicate the net content as follows:
Fish Product Declaration
Oysters in the Shell Weight or bushels or pecks or by count
Oyster and clam meats – not frozen Weight or fluid measures or count
Canned shellfish and crustaceans Drained Weight
Canned fish packed with added water Drained weight
Fish frozen with glaze Excluding weight of the glaze
Fish packed in brine or vinegar solution Drained weight

The words "net weight" or "drained weight" can be used only on fish products that contain only edible parts. If the product also contains inedible parts such as shells, the word "weight" alone must be used.

Weight declarations such as "made from X lb" (e.g. for peeled shrimp) or "net weight when packed" (e.g. live mussels) are unacceptable.

See Legibility and Location – Fish and Fish Products for information on these requirements.

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