Labelling Requirements for Fish and Fish Products

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Canned Fish

Any fish that is sealed in a can and is sterilized [2, FIR].

Catch-Weight Product

A prepackaged product that, because of its nature, cannot normally be proportioned to a predetermined quantity and is, as a result, usually sold in varying quantities [38, CPLR].

Drained Weight

The weight of the edible contents of the container exclusive of free water, brine, pickling solution or glaze [2, FIR].


Any fish, including shellfish and crustaceans, and marine animals, and any parts, products or by-products thereof [2, FIA].

Fish Product

Fish or prepared fish [B.01.001, FDR].

Net Weight

With respect to unfrozen or frozen lobster meat, means the weight of the edible contents of a container after the liquid has been drained from the container by a method approved by the President of the Agency and, with respect to any other fish, means the total weight of the edible contents of a container [2, FIR].

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