Labelling Requirements for Fish and Fish Products
Voluntary Claims and Statements

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Light Salted

The term "light salted" with respect to fish is specifically permitted in the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) [B.01.502(2)(k), FDR]. Using this term does not trigger the Nutrition Facts table on exempted foods. Please refer to Composition and Quality Claims for more information on "light" claims that are specifically permitted under B.01.502(2) of the FDR.

Refer to Nutrient Content Claims for more information.

Quality Designations

A quality designation can be used only when a standard for that quality has been prescribed in the FIR, and the product meets that standard, e.g. "Fancy Shape" designation on Atlantic oysters is permitted when the oysters meet the requirements indicated in Section 65(a) of FIR [29, FIR].

Quality claims, where it is clear that the processor or importer or distributor is declaring responsibility for the quality, are permitted, e.g. "All Company X products meet our highest standards. If you have any questions or comments please write to us at: Company X, 123 Main St., Town, Province, Postal Code" would be an acceptable statement.

General statements such as "Quality products from XX", "Satisfaction guaranteed", "Guaranteed quality", etc. are also acceptable.

Method of Production Claims (e.g. sustainable, dolphin safe, etc.)

It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that all information contained on labels is truthful and not misleading. Companies who wish to place such statements on the labels must develop their own procedure to ensure that the product meets the claim. Upon request, documentation providing proof of these methods must be available to an Inspector of the CFIA.

Use of the "Canada Inspected" Logo

All fish establishments registered under the FIR are entitled to use the "Canada Inspected" logo on fish products processed as part of the establishment's Quality Management Program (QMP). Only fish products that are considered "Product of Canada" can bear the logo [28, FIR]. Refer to "Product of Canada" and "Made in Canada" Labelling for more information on the use of this statement.

There are no restrictions as to the size or the colour of the logo; however, the logo must be separate and distinct, and must not interfere with any mandatory labelling requirements. Permitted examples of "Canada Inspected" logos are shown in Bulletin 41 of the Fish Products Inspection Manual. The registration number of the establishment may be included in the logo.

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