Testing Requirements for Products on the Compliance List

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency's Compliance List for Agricultural Chemical Residues is a list of products where violations were detected and are subject to detention until laboratory results demonstrate compliance.

When a product is placed on the CFIA's Compliance List for Agricultural Chemical Residues, it is industry's responsibility to find an appropriate laboratory to conduct product testing. The laboratory may be located either within or outside of Canada.

Selecting a Testing Laboratory

Industry is encouraged to select testing laboratories that have received formal recognition for the required testing from a recognized accreditation body.

Accrediting bodies assess laboratories against numerous factors to provide formal recognition of their ability to provide precise, accurate and reliable test results. Various public and private organizations provide accreditation services internationally.

In Canada, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is an example of an accreditation body. Information on Canadian laboratories accredited by the SCC, including their most recent scope of accredited tests, can be found on the SCC website.

Private laboratories that fufill the testing requirements for a product placed on the CFIA's Compliance List for Agricultural Chemical Residues must be able to conduct the appropriate tests for the chemical residue.

Test results submitted to the CFIA will be evaluated to ensure that the test method used for the product:

  • has been validated for the chemical residue;
  • is appropriate to monitor the regulatory limit.


Sampling for product analysis must be carried out to ensure that:

  • samples represent all the characteristics of the lot; and
  • contamination of the samples during handling, storage and transport to the laboratory is prevented.

Improperly collected or mishandled samples may result in inaccurate and/or inconclusive laboratory testing results.

Results of Laboratory Testing

To avoid product detention in Canada, industry should ensure laboratory testing is completed prior to marketing. To provide CFIA with results, industry must:

  • include a copy of the laboratory certificate with the shipment;
  • fax a copy of the laboratory certificate and, if it is an imported product, copies of import documents (e.g., Confirmation of Sale, Bill of Lading) to the attention of the CFIA's Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at 613-773-6282;
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