Facility Self Evaluation Report

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This document provides instructions for operators of registered fish processing establishments (fish processors) on the use and completion of the Facility Self Assessment Worksheet.


The Facility Self Assessment Worksheet (Worksheet) is a tool to be used by fish processors to verify that their establishments are constructed and operated in accordance with the conditions of registration set out by the Fish Inspection Regulations (FIR). The Worksheet must be completed following a CFIA Compliance Verification, as part of the establishment's corrective action plan if the Quality Management Program (QMP) Plan was not effective in maintaining compliance with the construction and operation requirements set out under Schedule I and II of the FIR. Fish processors are encouraged to use the Worksheet during monitoring activities, as described in their QMP Plans, that are followed to maintain compliance with Schedule I and II of the FIR.


  1. Each section of the Worksheet describes the regulatory requirements for the construction and operation of a registered fish processing establishment. The far left hand columns of the Worksheet identify the numbering for the regulatory requirements as they appear in the Fish Inspection Regulations, with a description of the requirements to the immediate right. These requirements set the standard that must be maintained through the application of the establishment's QMP Plan (refer to the QMP Reference Standard).
  2. Each section of the Worksheet corresponds to the Table of Contents of the Compliance and Assessment Guide for Schedule I and II (Assessment Guide). This guide provides additional details behind the requirements set out by Schedule I and II of the Fish Inspection Regulations. These details include a description of the intent of the regulations, compliance guidelines, and instructions to assess the level of compliance with each requirement. The Assessment Guide should be consulted as part of the procedure to ensure that registered establishments are constructed and operated at an acceptable level of compliance.
  3. Perform a complete inspection of the processing facilities and record any deficiencies noted for each item of the Worksheet. Rank the deficiencies according to the assessment criteria provided by the Assessment Guide. If an item is not applicable, or cannot be evaluated, check the appropriate box. Once all boxes for a section of the Worksheet have been completed, rank the Deficiency Level for that section by noting the item with the most severe ranking (i.e., critical, serious or minor).
  4. Once all sections of the Worksheet have been completed, add up the total number of deficiencies for each Deficiency Level.
  5. Consult the Compliance Level Table to identify the level of compliance for the facility. A compliance level of A or B is acceptable. A compliance level of C or D is unacceptable, and immediate action is necessary to achieve an acceptable level of compliance. Regardless of the level of compliance, corrective action must be taken to resolve all deficiencies under the establishment's QMP Plan.
  6. Sign the completed Worksheet. The comments sections may be used to make notes as needed, such as a reference to a corrective action.
  7. Where completion of this Worksheet was required as part of the corrective action plan to resolve non-conformities identified by the CFIA during a compliance verification, a signed copy of the completed Worksheet must be sent to the CFIA inspector.
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