Facilities Inspection Manual

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Amendment no. 22 - Chapter 3, Subject 3 - 00/05/01

Chapter 3, Subject 3
Compliance Verification Policies and Procedures for Registered Establishments


  • completion of Non-conformity Reports if required, and a Compliance Verification Summary Report; and …


  • if there are 10 SOPs used in controlling the process, look at the five that are most significant to the safety of the product; and ...

3.1.2 New

3.5.1 New paragraph


1) QMP Requirement - the section in the establishment's QMP plan which references the standard or regulation to be met;...

3.8.2 Records will be examined for completeness and accuracy, and to find any anomalies. It is not necessary to examine all the documentation that is available; a sample of the records produced since the last CV should be taken for review.


The identification of a Critical non-conformity will require the processor to immediately develop a Corrective Action Plan, and initiate corrective actions to eliminate the non-conformity and bring the process back under control. These actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • correcting the immediate problem(s);
  • voluntarily closing the plant or halting processing;
  • identifying and segregating all affected product for culling, reworking, or disposal;
  • investigating why the problem occurred; and
  • making the necessary system or control changes to eliminate or prevent a recurrence.


New paragraphs

3.10.6 New


  • the team negotiates a reasonable time frame for the establishment to submit a CAP to the CFIA. This date is entered in the QMP CV Summary Report; ....
  • the management representatives are asked to sign the QMP Compliance Verification Summary Report; and...

3.12.3 The Compliance Verification documentation presented to the establishment will consist of the Non-conformity Report page(s) and the QMP Compliance Verification Summary Report.

New paragraphs

3.13.3 New

4. CFIA Compliance Verification File

The completed Compliance Verification file retained in the CFIA office will include:

  • the CV Plan;
  • a record of the opening meeting;
  • the completed CV checklists used by each member of the CV team;
  • the completed Non-conformity Report(s);
  • the Compliance Verification Summary Report;
  • a record of the exit meeting; and
  • results of the Follow-up to verify completion of the Corrective Action Plan.

6. Forms/Documents

  • Appendix A - Compliance Verification Plan
  • Appendix B - Compliance Verification Checklist
  • Appendix C - Compliance Verification - Non-conformity Report
  • Appendix D - QMP Compliance Verification Summary Report
  • Appendix E - Opening Meeting Checklist
  • Appendix F - Guide to Sampling and Testing During a Compliance Verification
  • Appendix G - Compliance Verification Checklist (information and examples)
  • Appendix H - Exit Meeting Checklist
  • Appendix I - Follow-up Checklist
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