Ukraine - Export requirements for fish and seafood

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Eligible/Ineligible product


  • Frozen fish products
  • Live crustaceans and their non-frozen products


  • Products not specified above

Production controls and inspection requirements

  • Export of uneviscerated finfish may require inspection of the animals prior to processing and/or testing. Exporters who wish to ship uneviscerated finfish to Ukraine are advised to contact their CFIA Area Office in advance of harvesting to determine the requirements and, if required, accommodate the scheduling of inspections which must occur prior to processing and freezing.

Documentation requirements


  1. For frozen fish products:

    Veterinary certificate for fish and fishery products exported into Ukraine (CFIA/ACIA 5349)

  2. For live crustaceans and their non-frozen products:

    Veterinary certificate for live crustaceans and their non-frozen products exported into Ukraine (AQAH-1076)

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