Russia - Shelf Life Requirements

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Last update: 01/05/2012

The Russian sanitary certificate - CFIA/ACIA 5561 (2008/10) does not require that the CFIA verifies that the fish and fish products meet the shelf life requirements set by the Russian Federation. The following is provided for information only. Exporters should confirm that products intended for export to the Russian Federation meet all Russian regulatory requirements before shipping.

Note: Even if an exporter can export fish and fish product with a manufacturer's shelf life exceeding the maximum storage duration set out below, if requested by FSVPS, an exporter must be able to provide an explanation as to why the frozen fish or frozen fish product has a shelf life which is longer then the Russian storage duration limit.

Storing Frozen Fish

According to GOST 1168-86, frozen fish is stored aboard vessels and in factory and distribution cold storages at temperatures not exceeding -18°C.

Storage durations of dry artificially and naturally dry-frozen fish at -18°C are (in months - no longer than):

Maximum storage durations for Glazed fish
Glazed fish: months
Sturgeon, Humpbacked Salmon, Loach 7
Far-Eastern Salmon (except Humpback and Loach), Carps, Cisco/Whitefish, Zander, River Perch, Pike, Sheat-fish, Azov-Black Sea plaices 8
Undivided Baltic Salmon and other undivided Salmonidae 4
Baltic Salmon, Eviscerated with head and other Eviscerated Salmonidae with head 3
Cod, Plaice, Turbot, Sea Sturgeon, dressed and not dressed 6
Pollock headless and back 6
Other freshwater species 8
Other sea species 6
Treated with a water solution of polyvinyl alcohol: Humpbacked Salmon dressed 10
Maximum storage durations for Wrapped in anti adhesive paper
Wrapped in anti adhesive paper: months
Cod, Plaice, Turbot, Sea Sturgeons dressed and not dressed 5
Pollock headless and Pollock back 4
Maximum storage durations for Non glazed
Non glazed: Months
Carps, Cisco, Zander, River sturgeon, Pike, Sheat-fish, Plaices 6
Cod dressed - not dressed 4
Other freshwater fish No more than 6
Other sea fish 4

Artificially and naturally dry-frozen fish, in consumer packaging:

  • under temperature not exceeding -18°C, to be stored for no longer than 1 month from the day of production;
  • under temperature not exceeding -10°C, freshwater, for no longer than 3 months; sea fish, no longer than 2 months.

Note: Exporters must determine from their client/importer in Russia all technical requirements which their product must meet.

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