Jamaica - Certification Requirements

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Last update: May 1, 2011

Acts and Regulations

Canned fish is subject to product specifications under the processed-food law.

Labelling and Marking Standards:

  • processed fishery products are subject to labelling and marking requirements. Every container of processed food must bear a code showing the date on which the food was packed, the process batch, the name of the processor and the place in which it was processed. Common names must be used in reference to spices, flavourings and colourings, as well as quantity, by weight or volume, of food ingredients. Letters used in labelling should be a prescribed size in relation to the size of the container.

Further information regarding these requirements may be obtained from:

Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism,
Kingston, Jamaica.

Tolerances or Guidelines

Radioactivity content must be below the following maximum levels:

150 Bq/kg
150 Bq/kg
Iodine 131
40 Bq/kg

Certification Requirements

Certificate of Inspection, Content (FP 1408)

  • include statement of radioactivity indicating the above maximum levels.

Certificate of Origin and Hygiene (CFIA/ACIA 5003 (2002/05))

  • Latin name of product must be provided
  • add the following statement:

"Incidents of Vibrio Cholerae have not been reported in Canada, therefore Canada does not routinely analyze for this organism."

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