Egypt - Export requirements for fish and seafood

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Eligible/Ineligible product


  • All fish and seafood products except edible seal products

Documentation Requirements


  • Certificate of Origin and Hygiene – (CFIA/ACIA 5003)

    The following statements/information must be included on the certificate:

    • "Frozen fish have been stored at or below -18 degrees Celsius from the date of fishing until the date of shipping",
    • "The fishery products described above were produced in an establishment approved by the competent authority",
    • "The products were produced, packed, stored and transported under sanitary conditions which were under the super vision of the competent authority",
    • "The products do not contain parasites, pathogenic microbes or their toxins, or heavy metals at levels that are harmful to human health. The products do not contain residues of hormones at levels that are harmful to human health or other toxic substances. The products are acceptable for human consumption",
    • Either: (cross out statements a) b) or c) as applicable)
      1. "the fish have been slaughtered and eviscerated"; or
      2. "the fish are intended for direct human consumption"; or
      3. "fish originate from a zone or compartment which is considered free of diseases listed by the World Organisation for Animal Health Aquatic Animal Health Code",
    • "Fish were not caught by explosive methods, or from areas contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers or radioactivity at levels that are harmful to human health",
    • "Fish harvested from Canadian waters are free from ciguatera toxins", and
    • "These aquacultured fish have not been treated with malachite green".

Other information

The Canadian Embassy's Trade Commissioner Service in Cairo has been advised by authorities in Egypt that shipments must be accompanied by a bill of lading and a certificate of origin that have been authenticated and certified by the Egyptian Embassy in the country of shipment.

The Egyptian Embassy in Canada is located at:

Embassy for the Arab Republic of Egypt
454 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6R3





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