Food Specific Export Requirements

Some food and food-related products exported from Canada must comply with additional requirements set by destination countries or markets. The particular requirements you need to comply with differ depending on the product you export and the destination country. To find requirements specific to the food products you intend to export, refer to the exporting information for your food sector in the export repository. The intended information below relates to specific food products which are subject to programme requirements over and above Canadian requirements in order to qualify for exportation. This includes information on programs which are required in order for specific foods to be eligible for export certification.


The country of origin must be mentioned on the product in addition to any other language or labeling requirements of the importing country. Some countries may require statements regarding the method of production, including halal, kosher and organic. The CFIA does not certify these claims. Companies will have to request appropriate certification bodies in this regard.

Foods that do not meet Canadian regulations and cannot be sold in Canada must be clearly marked 'For Export Only'. Some food commodity regulations have export requirements that must always be met. For more information, please refer to the Industry Labelling Tool.


Animal Health Requirements

Export of Meat Products to Muslim Countries

Meat Products Derived From Ruminants - Restrictions Related to BSE

Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the Export of Beef to the European Union (EU)

Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program

Ractopamine-Free Poultry Certification Program

Restrictions Related to Avian Influenza

Boar, Stag and Ridgling Derived Meat - Export Market Restrictions

Fish and Seafood

Fish Export Licence Directive

Code of Practice for the Harvest, Transport, Processing, and Export of Seal Products Intended for Human Consumption

Export Certification Control Program (ECCP) Reference Standard

Export of Live Lobsters and Lobster Products Containing Tomalley

Licensed Cold Storage Warehouse Standard

Sport-Caught Fish from British Columbia

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Blueberry Certification Program

Canadian Partners in Quality (C-PIQ)

Organic Foods

Equivalency Arrangements with International Countries

Dairy and Egg

Import for Re-export Program (IREP)

Processed Egg

Shell Egg

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