Dairy Import Activities
1.9 Import for Re-export Program (IREP)

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IREP is a Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) program where Canadian processors import dairy products for processing or repackaging to manufacture dairy or food products for re-export. The products imported under IREP are not subject to tariffs charged under DFAIT; however importers still must pay the applicable dairy fees under DPR (see Appendix 9). Inspection and sampling of the imported products may occur.

1.9.1 Raw Milk/Cream

Canadian dairy processors wishing to import raw milk or cream into Canada to be processed into dairy products and subsequently re-exported from Canada must be federally registered under the DPR. To assist DFAIT, CFIA performs verifications in registered dairy plants. See Appendices 17 and 18. A list of establishments participating in this program will be provided by DFAIT. The CFIA may sample raw milk and cream coming from the USA for chemical residues. Inspectors are to use the sample bottles provided for raw milk sampling. Sample size and program requirements are found in the annual sampling plan.

1.9.2 Non-Dairy Facilities Importing Butter, Cheese and other Dairy Products

Inspection staff may sample other dairy products such as butter and cheese imported under the IREP program but this type of sampling is given a low priority. The annual sampling plan and Dairy Program guidelines are followed. Importer facility inspections are not required by the Dairy Program in non-dairy processing facilities (e.g. bakeries). When unsatisfactory analytical results are received, the Food Safety or Fair Labelling Practices programs are contacted for follow up.

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