Dairy Import Activities
Appendix 13 Optional Covering Letter Example - Importer Verification

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Address of office


Mr. Dairy Importer
Dairy Imports Ltd.
123 Anywhere Street
Somewhere, Canada

Subject: Results of Importer Verification

Dear Mr./Ms. Importer,

Enclosed please find the Dairy Inspection Report - CFIA/ACIA 950 and Importer Verification Worksheet of (Date). The Dairy Products Inspection Procedures (Dairy Import Activities) guidelines were used during the inspection to assess your facility. The inspection was completed by (Name). During the exit interview all deficient tasks were discussed with you and your staff.

The overall assessment of this inspection is (Non-Satisfactory or Satisfactory). Any deficiency contravenes Section 2.2 and/or Section 26 of the Dairy Products Regulations under the Canada Agricultural Products Act. (The major deficiencies should be identified and reference made to the appropriate section of the regulations).

Please forward your written and signed action plan to this office no later than (Date - three weeks from the inspection date). The attached worksheet may be used to indicate corrective dates for those tasks found non-satisfactory.

We would like to thank you (and your staff) for the cooperation shown to us during this inspection. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Dairy Inspector

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