Dairy Import Activities
Appendix 12 Importer Verification Worksheet

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Importer No.

A.0 Importer Controls
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
Tasks to perform at every visit
A.1 Import Documentation
  • completeness
  • accuracy I
Tasks to perform at every visit
A.2Footnote 3 Product Specification Sheets
  • all ingredients identified
  • complete specifications
  • cheese attestations (if applicable) I
Tasks to perform at every visit
A.3 Foreign Certificates of Analysis
  • microbiological (should include environmental and/or product for Lm)
  • compositional I
Tasks to perform at every visit
A.4Footnote 3 Verification of Analyses
  • microbiological (enhanced if supplier does not monitor environment for Lm - 1.5)
  • compositional I
A.5 Foreign Manufacturers' Information
  • assessment information (should include environmental monitoring for Listeria) I
A.6 Receiving & Shipping Procedures
  • visual specifications I
A.7 Product Control Procedures
  • label
  • net quantity
  • can integrity I
A.8 Pest Control
  • measures in place F
  • program (cheese importers that cut, shred, repackage etc.) I
A.9 Complaint Handling
  • effective system I
A.10Footnote 3 Recall Procedures
  • capability
  • records I
A.11Footnote 3 Water Quality (preparing dairy products)
  • micro analyses F
A.12Footnote 3 Sanitation Program (preparing dairy products)
  • Listeria environmental monitoring and end product testing
  • records F
B.0 On site Practices
Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR Inspection Task S/NS/NA/NR
B.1 Sanitary Handling and Preparation B.2 Product Coding and Information
  • lot coding
  • best before date
  • storage instructions
B.3Footnote 3 Suitable Storage Conditions
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
B.4 Receiving & Shipping Conditions
  • temperature
  • contamination
B.5 Absence of cross-contamination
  • pests
  • returned products
  • garbage
  • structure
  • non-food chemical
  • glass breakage
B.6 Sanitary Conditions (preparing dairy products)
  • equipment
  • facility

Table Note

Footnote 3

Tasks with higher health and safety risk. They have higher impact on overall assessment.

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documentation verification tasks
tasks to be performed where product is stored or processed
Not Satisfactory
Not Applicable
Not Required


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