Dairy Import Activities
Appendix 5 Covering Letter Example - Cheese Licence Issuance

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Dear Sir/Madam:

Enclosed please find your Cheese Import Licence No. #### from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency pursuant to the Canada Agricultural Products Act and the Dairy Products Regulations. This licence will expire (insert date).

Please keep this licence and its number available for use. When you present cheese shipments for clearance into Canada, indicate your cheese import licence number in the comments box of the CFIA Request for Document Review form as well as on the Import Declaration - Box 4.

Section 26.3 and 26.4 of the revised Dairy Products Regulations clearly outlines the requirements that must be met to maintain your cheese import licence. As well, the applicable sections of these regulations related to cheese must also be met. Please note that this licence is not assignable to another importer.

Please note that prior to (insert date), should you wish to renew your licence, you will need to re-apply on the Application for a Cheese Import Licence.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at (insert number).

Yours truly,

Dairy Specialist


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