Cheese Composition Standards Verification
3. Required Equipment/References

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  • Dairy Products Regulations (DPR) s.6 and s.28
  • Food and Drug Regulations (FDR) s.B.08.001 and B.08.033-034
  • Dairy Inspection Report (CFIA/ACIA 950) (intended for internal use)
  • Establishment File (previous verification compliance reports)
  • Cheese Composition Verification Report
  • Requirement for Casein Content Derived from Fluid Milks (Appendix I)
  • Canadian Cheese Production Volumes (Appendix II)
  • Cheese Composition Verification Worksheet (Appendix III)
  • Conversion Factors (Appendix IV)
  • Milk Class Definitions (Appendix V)
  • Sample Letters (Appendix VI and VII)
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