Cheese Composition Standards Verification
2. Scope

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This activity is conducted by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspectors to assess compliance with the compositional requirements for cheese produced at registered dairy establishments in Canada. This activity is conducted in both traditionally inspected dairy establishments and in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) recognized establishments making cheese. This activity does not apply to establishments that only cut, shred or repackage domestic cheese.

This verification activity applies to all (naming the variety) cheese including varieties not listed in the table referred to under Section 28(1) of the Dairy Products Regulations (refer to Appendix I), and to cheddar cheese. It does not apply to whey, cream, cottage, processed, or cold-pack cheeses. There is a separate regulatory requirement for cheddar cheese labelled as aged cheddar cheese which requires it to be made solely from fluid milks and cream. This will be assessed, along with the requirement that the whey to casein ratio of the cheese shall not exceed that of milk, during an Ingredient Verification task. Feta cheese is exempt from the compositional casein requirements.

This verification is not required at establishments that manufacture cheese using only fluid milks, and cream (i.e. no powders, milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, etc.). Compositional requirements of these cheeses will be verified during an Ingredient Verification as per Dairy Ingredient Verification. If ingredient verification determines that ingredients other than fluid milks or cream have been used, a Cheese Composition Standard Verification must be conducted.

Verification of compositional requirements for imported cheese will be conducted as part of the Dairy Importing Activities.

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