Cheese Composition Standards Verification
Appendix VII – Sample Letter for Notification of Verification Findings

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Subject: Cheese Composition Verification


On (Date), a cheese composition verification of (formula/recipe) was performed by CFIA inspection staff at your facility. The results of this verification indicate that the product does not comply with the compositional standards for cheese however it is within 1% of the minimum % CDM and as such the CFIA will not be taking immediate action on this product.

This letter is also to advise you that the CFIA may complete another cheese composition verification on the same variety/recipe of cheese as the original cheese composition verification within 3 months.

Please be reminded that the standards are set out in the section 28 (or section 3.(3) for Cheddar) of the Dairy Products Regulations and section B.08.033 (or B.08.034 for Cheddar) of the Food and Drug Regulations which require the casein content that is derived from milk, ultrafiltered milk, partly skimmed milk, ultrafiltered partly skimmed milk, skim milk, ultrafiltered skim milk or cream rather than from other milk products for (Naming the Variety Cheese) be at least (X%) of the total protein content of the cheese.

If you have any questions, please contact the undersigned at (Phone Number).

Position (Inspector)

cc: Supervisor, Operations Officer, Area Program Network Specialist

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