Cheese Composition Standards Verification
Appendix V - Milk Marketing Board Class Definitions

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Definition for Class 3(a): All cheeses other than those identified in class 3(b), all types of cheese curds other than stirred curd.

Definition for Class 3(b): All types of cheddar cheese, stirred curd, cream cheese, creamy cheese bases (cheese mixes), cheddar and cheddar-type cheeses sold fresh.
Definition: Cheddar type cheese: a cheese of descriptive nomenclature will be recognized as a cheddar type cheese for the purposes of classification if it is a semi-soft, unripened, unwashed curd cheese, with a minimum milk fat content of 25% and maximum moisture of 45%.

Definition for Class 5(a)Footnote 3: Cheese used as ingredients for further processing for the domestic and export markets.

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