Record of Decision - DEIM Prerequisite Programs cross-reference with the FSEP Prerequisite Program Bullets

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Question or Description of Problem:

  1. The update to the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) manual (July 2010) resulted in inconsistencies in both numbering and content between the FSEP prerequisite program bullets and the cross-reference to the prerequisite program bullets listed in the Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual (DEIM) (January 2010).


The Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) manual was updated in July 2010. The changes made to the prerequisite programs consisted of streamlining and clarifying some of the prerequisite program bullets, the re-grouping of bullets and the addition of new bullets. As a result, the FSEP cross-references for the prerequisite programs currently found in the DEIM differ from the FSEP bullets in the FSEP manual.


Until the DEIM is updated to reflect the FSEP prerequisite program bullets, Appendix 20 (DEIM Prerequisite Programs Cross-Reference with FSEP Prerequisite Program Bullets), attached to this decision, can be consulted to cross-reference the requirements in the DEIM and the FSEP bullets with respect to the prerequisite programs. When the DEIM is updated, the FSEP cross-references will be removed from the written inspection criteria within Chapter 10 of the DEIM manual and will be added to the DEIM as Appendix 20.

Please see Appendix 20 Prerequisite Programs Cross-Reference with FSEP Prerequisite Program Bullets.

Jennifer Miner
Recommended by: Program Chief
Wassim El-Khoury
Approved by: National Manager
Date modified: