Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 19 Appendices
Appendix 17 Thermal Processing Temperatures and Guidelines

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High Temperature Short Time (HTST)

  • Temperatures up to 100°C with a holding time of 0.01 second or longer
  • Chapter 11 (HTST) of the Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual

High Heat Short Time (HHST)

  • Temperature > 100°C
  • Not shelf stable product
  • System becomes unstable when the temperature goes above 100°C, especially the pressure requirements for the product to be maintained in the liquid state
  • Assume viscous product, therefore need to use calculated hold method
  • Requires new guidelines to be developed

Aseptic Processing and Packaging System (APPS)

  • Temperature > 100°C
  • Shelf stable product (minimum Fo = 3.0 as a minimum)
  • Chapter 14 (APPS) of the Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual
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