CDC Alsask


Denomination: 'CDC Alsask'
Botanical Name: Triticum aestivum
Applicant/Holder: University of Saskatchewan
Crop Development Centre
4D36 Agriculture Building, 51 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 5A8
Breeder: Pierre Hucl, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Agent in Canada: Crop Production Services (Canada) Inc.
P.O.Box 5234
High River, Alberta
T1V 1M4
Tel: 403-336-4826
Application Date: 2006-04-05
Application Number: 06-5417
Grant of Rights Date: 2011-02-18
Certificate Number: 4005
Exemption from compulsory licensing: Yes
Expiry date for exemption from compulsory licensing: 2013-02-18
Date rights revoked: 2016-02-18

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Elsa'

Summary: 'CDC Alsask' is taller at maturity than 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Elsa'. 'CDC Alsask' heads earlier than 'AC Elsa'. The awnlets on the spike of 'CDC Alsask' are longer than 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Elsa'. At maturity, the spike of 'CDC Alsask' is inclined while it is erect in both 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Elsa'. 'CDC Alsask' has better resistance to leaf rust than 'AC Barrie'.


PLANT: spring type, erect to semi-erect growth habit at the 5-9 tiller stage, glabrous blades of lower leaves, absent or very low to low frequency with recurved flag leaves, medium maturity, no anthocyanin colouration of the straw at maturity

COLEOPTILE: absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration

FLAG LEAF: absent or very weak to weak anthocyanin colouration of the auricles, medium glaucosity of the sheath, glabrous blade and sheath

CULM: medium glaucosity, straight at maturity, thin pith in cross section at maturity
SPIKE: absent or very weak to weak glaucosity, parallel sided shape, lax to medium density, awnlets present, white at maturity, white awns at maturity, incline attitude at maturity, absent or very sparse hairiness of convex surface of the apical rachis segment

LOWER GLUME: medium or medium to broad shoulder width, straight, medium length, medium width, glabrous, very sparse internal hairs, short straight beak
LOWEST LEMMA: straight beak

KERNEL: hard red type, medium red, small to medium size, medium length and width, oval, angular cheek, medium length brush hairs, medium sized germ, medium crease width, shallow to medium crease depth, medium to dark colouration with phenol

QUALITY: good for bread making

DISEASE REACTION: moderately susceptible to Fusarium Head Blight (Fusarium graminearum, Fusarium species), moderately susceptible to moderately resistant to Loose Smut (Ustilago tritici), moderately resistant to Common Bunt (Tilletia caries, Tilletia foetida), moderately resistant to resistant to Stem Rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici), resistant to Leaf Rust (Puccinia recondita)

Origin & Breeding History: 'CDC Alsask' (experimental names BW301, W98332) was selected from the cross AC Elsa / AC Cora made in 1993 at the Crop Development Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The F1 and F3 generations were grown in winter nurseries in New Zealand. The F2, F4 and F5 generations were grown in Western Canadian Nurseries where selection was made for disease resistance, agronomic characteristics, and bread wheat quality traits. 'CDC Alsask' was derived from a bulked F5 row. It was evaluated as W98332 in preliminary yield trials in the 2000 Central Bread Wheat B Test. In 2001 to 2003, it was evaluated as BW301 in the Central Bread Wheat Cooperative Test.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted during the summers of 2008 and 2009 in Watrous, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 4 rows with a row length of 4.8 meters and a row spacing of 17.8 centimeters. There were 3 replications arranged in an RCB design.

Comparison tables for 'CDC Alsask' with reference varieties 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Elsa'

Days to heading

  'CDC Alsask' 'AC Barrie' 'AC Elsa'
mean 2008 60 61 63
mean 2009 65 66 67

Awnlet length (cm)

  'CDC Alsask' 'AC Barrie' 'AC Elsa'
mean 2008 1.49 0.75 0.69
std. deviation 0.68 0.37 0.48
mean 2009 1.03 0.49 0.63
std. deviation 0.51 0.23 0.30

Plant height at maturity (including awns) (cm)

  'CDC Alsask' 'AC Barrie' 'AC Elsa'
mean 2008 98.7 94.7 96.7
std. deviation 1.97 1.78 1.56
mean 2009 111 104 105
std. deviation 2.35 2.20 1.65

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CDC Alsask
Wheat: 'CDC Alsask' (right) with reference varieties 'AC Barrie' (left) and 'AC Elsa' (centre)

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CDC Alsask
Wheat: 'CDC Alsask' (left) with reference varieties 'AC Barrie' (centre) and 'AC Elsa' (right)

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CDC Alsask
Wheat: 'CDC Alsask' (top) with reference varieties 'AC Barrie' (middle) and 'AC Elsa' (bottom)

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