FL 05-107


Denomination: 'FL 05-107'
Trade name: Winter Star
Botanical Name: Fragaria ×ananassa
Applicant/Holder: Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
P.O. Box 309
Greenwood, Florida
United States of America
Breeder: Craig K. Chandler, Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc., Tampa, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Variety Rights Management
475 County Road 18
R.R. #2
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
Tel: 613-258-9015
Application Date: 2011-09-15
Application Number: 11-7369

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Strawberry Festival' and 'Florida Radiance'

Summary: The plants of 'FL 05-107' have dense foliage whereas those of 'Florida Radiance' have sparse to medium density foliage. The inflorescences of 'FL 05-107' are positioned at the same level as the foliage whereas those of 'Strawberry Festival' are positioned beneath the foliage and those of 'Florida Radiance' are positioned above the foliage. The plants of 'FL 05-107' have many stolons whereas the plants of both reference varieties have a medium number of stolons. The upper side of the leaves of 'FL 05-107' has a medium degree of blistering whereas the leaves of 'Florida Radiance' have absent or weak blistering. The leaves of 'FL 05-107' have a medium degree of glossiness whereas the leaves of 'Strawberry Festival' have absent or weak glossiness. The flowers of 'FL 05-107' are smaller in diameter than those of both reference varieties. The band without achenes on the fruit of 'FL 05-107' is absent or very narrow whereas it is narrow to medium width on 'Strawberry Festival' and of medium width on 'Florida Radiance'. The achenes for 'FL 05-107' are positioned below the surface of the fruit whereas those for 'Strawberry Festival' are level with the surface. The position of the calyx attachement for 'FL 05-107' is inserted whereas it is raised for 'Strawberry Festival' and level with the fruit surface for 'Florida Radiance'. The fruit of 'FL 05-107' has a large cavity whereas that of 'Strawberry Festival' has an absent or small cavity.


PLANT: upright growth habit, dense foliage, medium vigour, inflorescence at same level as foliage, non remontant type of fruit bearing

STOLONS: many, weak to medium intensity of anthocyanin colouration, absent or sparse pubescence

LEAF: small, medium to dark green on upper side, medium degree of blistering, medium degree of glossiness on upper side, no variegation
TERMINAL LEAFLET: equally long as wide, obtuse base, serrate and crenate margin, concave in cross-section
STIPULE: strong anthocyanin colouration
PETIOLE: medium to long, horizontal attitude of hairs

FLOWERING: begins mid-season
INFLORESCENCE: many flowers, positioned at same level as foliage, upwards to slightly outwards attitude of hairs on pedicel
FLOWER: calyx same size to larger than corolla, stamens present
PETALS: touching to overlapping arrangement, equally long as wide, white on inner side

FRUIT RIPENING: begins mid-season
CALYX: inserted position of attachment, upwards to outwards attitude of sepals, slightly larger than diameter of fruit, medium degree of adherence to fruit
FRUIT: equally long as wide, medium size, conical to cordate shape, none or very slight difference in shape of fruit from first crop compared with second crop, absent or very narrow band without achenes, slightly uneven surface
FRUIT SKIN: medium red, even or very slightly uneven colour, strong glossiness
ACHENES: positioned below surface of fruit
FRUIT FLESH: moderately firm, medium red, light red core, large cavity

Origin & Breeding History: 'FL 05-107' originated from a cross between the varieties 'Florida Radiance' and 'Earlibrite' conducted in Balm, Florida, USA in January 2005. The seeds from the cross were germinated in a greenhouse and two plants from each seedling were asexually propagated and transplanted into raised beds for evaluation. Plants were selected based on fruit characteristics with the final selection of 'FL 05-107' being made in March 2006. The objectives of the breeding program were to select varieties with improved fruit size, fruit glossiness, plant habit, flower characteristics, flavour and resistance to common diseases.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trial for 'FL 05-107' was grown by the Expert Agriculture Team Ltd., in Chilliwack, British Columbia during the 2016 growing season. The trial was planted in the spring of 2015 in a randomized complete block deisgn. Each variety consisted of 4 replicates with 8 plants per replicate for a total of 32 plants of each variety. Plants were spaced approximately 30 centimeters apart within one 20 meter long row. Measurements were taken from 20 plants or parts of plants of each variety.

Comparison table for 'FL 05-107' with reference varieties 'Strawberry Festival' and 'Florida Radiance'

Flower diameter (cm)

  'FL 05-107' 'Strawberry Festival' 'Florida Radiance'
mean 3.015 3.500 3.430
std. deviation 0.427 0.313 0.351

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FL 05-107
Strawberry: 'FL 05-107' (top) with reference varieties 'Strawberry Festival' (centre) and 'Florida Radiance' (bottom)

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FL 05-107
Strawberry: 'FL 05-107' (top) with reference varieties 'Strawberry Festival' (centre) and 'Florida Radiance' (bottom)

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