Bluette Frill Pink


Denomination: 'Bluette Frill Pink'
Botanical Name: Petunia ×hybrida
Applicant/Holder: Dai-Ichi Seed Co., Ltd.
5-21 Katsushima
1-Chome, Shinagawa-ku
Breeder: Yoshito Koyama, Dai-Ichi Seed Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
Agent in Canada: Variety Rights Management
475 County Road 18
R.R. #2
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
Tel: 613-258-9015
Application Date: 2005-10-05
Application Number: 05-5081
Date abandoned: 2009-11-04

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'MP7' (Tiny Tunia Pink)

Summary: 'Bluette Frill Pink' has a slightly darker violet corolla colour than 'MP7'. The veins on the inner side of the corolla lobe and tube of 'Bluette Frill Pink' are more conspicuous and a redder purple than in 'MP7'. 'Bluette Frill Pink' has a shorter corolla tube than 'MP7'. The anther of 'Bluette Frill Pink' is yellowish white while it is light grey in 'MP7'.


PLANT: upright to creeping growth habit, short height
SHOOT: thin, short, absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration

LEAF: elliptic to round shape, broad acute apex, no variegation, medium green, no blistering

SEPAL: linear shape, no anthocyanin colouration
FLOWER: single type, funnelform shape
COROLLA LOBE: violet on inner side, moderately conspicuous red/purple veins on inner side
COROLLA TUBE: white inner side, moderately conspicuous veins on inner side, yellowish white anthers

Origin & Breeding History: In 1998, a cross between a female parent 'Blue Purple' and an un-named selection as the male parent was conducted in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The seedlings were grown out in a trial and evaluated as a vegetative cutting line. The final selection was made in 1999. Selection criteria included small flowers, multi branching, vigorous growth habit, and reliable cutting propagation and cutting stability.

Tests & Trials: Trials were conducted during the summer of 2007 in Oxford Station, Ontario. Fifteen plants of each variety were individually grown in 15 cm pots in a poly house.

Comparison tables for 'Bluette Frill Pink' with reference variety 'MP7'

Corolla colour of inner side (RHS)

  'Bluette Frill Pink' 'MP7'
primary 77C 75A/B
secondary N78C n/a

Corolla tube length (mm)

  'Bluette Frill Pink' 'MP7'
mean 16.50 27.75
std. deviation 1.93 1.67

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Bluette Frill Pink
Petunia: 'Bluette Frill Pink' (left) with reference variety 'MP7' (right)

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