Denomination: 'Keireom'
Trade name: Surfinia Red Mini
Botanical Name: Petunia ×hybrida
Applicant/Holder: Keisei Rose Nurseries Inc.
1-12-1 Oshiage
Breeder: Shinya Miyano, Chiba-ken, Japan
Agent in Canada: Norseco Inc.
2914, boulevard Curé-Labelle
Laval, Quebec
H7P 5R9
Tel: 514-332-2275
Application Date: 2002-04-10
Application Number: 02-3052
Grant of Rights Date: 2003-09-16
Certificate Number: 1551
Date rights surrendered: 2013-10-02

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Avalanche Red'

Summary: 'Keireom' differs from the reference variety, 'Avalanche Red', in foliage size and shape, sepal length and corolla and corolla tube colours. The foliage and sepals of 'Keireom' are shorter than those of 'Avalanche Red'. The leaves of 'Keireom' are ovate with a broad acute apex whereas they are elliptic to rhombic with a narrow acute apex in 'Avalanche Red'. The corolla of 'Keireom' is slightly lighter red than those of 'Avalanche Red'. The corolla tube of 'Keireom' is lighter in colour with weak conspicuousness of veins whereas 'Avalanche Red' has medium to strong conspicuousness of veins.


'Keireom' is a single petunia variety with a semi-drooping to drooping growth habit. The shoots are long and medium to thick with no anthocyanin colouration. The leaves are ovate with a broad acute apex. The leaves are sessile and medium green with no variegation or blistering. The sepals are linear and narrow with no anthocyanin colouration.

The pedicel of 'Keireom' is thin and varies in length from very short to medium in length. It produces single flowers which are salverform in overall shape. The corolla is red with light grey-purple veins with very weak conspicuousness. The margins have weak to medium undulation and the corolla tube is medium in length. The main colour of the inner side of the throat is cream colour with weak conspicuousness of veins. Anther colour is yellowish white.

Origin & Breeding History: 'Keireom' originated from a cross between an unnamed seedling and another unnamed seedling. The initial cross was made in 1998 at Chiba-ken, Japan. Selection criteria include flower size, colour and growth habit. Asexual reproduction was carried out by vegetative cuttings.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'Keireom' were conducted in a greenhouse at Norseco Inc., Boisbriand, Quebec during the summer of 2002. There were 3 pots/variety containing 3 plants per 25 cm pot. Unless otherwise indicated, measured characteristics were based on ten measurements.

Comparison tables for 'Keireom' with reference variety 'Avalanche Red'

Leaf blade length (cm)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
mean 3.93 5.53
std. deviation 0.59 1.04

Leaf blade width (cm)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
mean 2.81 2.89
std. deviation 0.40 0.84

Sepal length (mm)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
mean 16.08 19.00
std. deviation 2.87 1.21

Diameter of corolla (cm)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
mean 5.18 5.47
std. deviation 0.20 0.19

Colour of corolla on inner side (RHS)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
upon opening 46B 46B
fading to 45D 52A

Colour of corolla tube (RHS)

  'Keireom' 'Avalanche Red'
inner side white with veins of 186D cream with veins of 183A
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