SW Sergeant


Denomination: 'SW Sergeant'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'SW A 6154'
Botanical Name: Pisum sativum
Applicant/Holder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB
Onsjövägen 13
SE-268 81
Breeder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB, Svalöv, Sweden
Agent in Canada: Lantmännen SW Seed Ltd.
510 Blackthorn Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7V 1A8
Tel: 306-955-9620
Application Date: 2004-06-17
Application Number: 04-4235
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-08-29
Certificate Number: 2899
Date rights surrendered: 2008-10-01

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Nitouche' and 'Carneval'

Summary: 'SW Sergeant' has a slightly longer vine than 'Nitouche'. The pod of 'SW Sergeant' is longer than 'Nitouche'. 'SW Sergeant' has a green seed colour while it is yellow in 'Carneval'. 'SW Sergeant' has better powdery mildew resistance than 'Nitouche' and 'Carneval'.


PLANT: stem fasciation absent, green, no anthocyanin colouration, semi-leafless, flowers mid season, early maturity

STEM: long vine length

STIPULE: normal, absence of rabbit eared, green, waxy, medium size, medium flecking

FLOWERS: white, small to medium size, one to two per node

POD: medium to long length, medium width, very weak concave curvature, blunt distal part, green, parchment present, medium number of ovules, immature seeds light green
SEED: simple starch grain, green, round shape, smooth, small to medium size

AGRONOMY: strong lodging resistance, high yielding

QUALITY: average protein content

DISEASE: resistant to powdery mildew (Erysiphe polygoni)

Origin & Breeding History: 'SW Sergeant' whose experimental number is SW A 6154, was developed by Svalof Weibull AB, Svalov, Sweden. The original cross took place in 1997. A pedigree breeding method was used. The variety originates from a single plant selection in the F5 generation. Selection criteria included yield, semi-leafless trait, stalk stiffness, seed colour and early maturity.

Tests & Trials: Trials were conducted in the summers of 2004 and 2006 in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 8 rows spaced 15 cm apart with a row length of 6 metres. There were 2 replicates arranged in a RCB design.

Comparison table for 'SW Sergeant' with reference varieties 'Nitouche' and 'Carneval'

Pod length (mm)

  'SW Sergeant' 'Nitouche' 'Carneval'
mean 73.3 68.0 72.0
std. deviation 5.63 7.67 4.44

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SW Sergeant
Pea: 'SW Sergeant' (bottom) with reference varieties 'Nitouche' (top) and 'Carneval' (centre)

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