Denomination: 'Kirilo-LV63'
Trade name: Laputalia Blue
Botanical Name: Lobelia
Applicant/Holder: Japan Agribio Company, Limited
1-5-11 Irifune, Chuo-ku
Breeder: Daigaku Takeshita, Kirin Brewery Company, Limited, Tokyo, Japan
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-631-6241
Application Date: 2005-11-29
Application Number: 05-5178
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-08-17
Certificate Number: 2877
Date rights surrendered: 2014-08-17

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Loboudtis' (Laguna Sky Blue) and 'Blue Star'

Summary: 'Kirilo-LV63' has a more horizontal trailing growth habit with a weaker degree of branching than the reference varieties. The internodes of 'Kirilo-LV63' are longer than the reference varieties. 'Kirilo-LV63' has thicker stems than the reference varieties. The stem of 'Kirilo-LV63' has no anthocyanin colouration while it is weak to medium in 'Loboudtis' and medium to strong in 'Blue Star'. 'Kirilo-LV63' has less pubescence on the stem than 'Blue Star'. The sepal of 'Kirilo-LV63' is longer than 'Loboudtis'. 'Kirilo-LV63' has lighter violet blue flower colour than the reference varieties. The lower lobe of the flower of 'Kirilo-LV63' has a larger white zone than the reference varieties. 'Kirilo-LV63' has a slightly larger palate than the reference varieties.


PLANT: horizontal to trailing growth habit, medium vigor, medium degree of branching

STEM: thick, dark green, absent of anthocyanin colouration, weak pubescence

LEAF: alternate arrangement, simple type, elliptic to obovate shape, obtuse apex with mucronate tip, attenuate base, serrate margin, no variegation, dark green, weak pubescence on upper side

SEPAL: narrow triangular shape, anthocyanin colouration present

INFLORESENCE: raceme type
FLOWER: positioned both terminally and axillary, outward attitude, no anthocyanin colouration of the pedicel
COROLLA: upper lobe oblanceolate, upper lobe apex cuspidate, upper lobe violet blue on upper side, upper lobe violet blue with light violet blue around edge on lower side, lower lobe obovate, lower lobe violet blue on upper side, lower lobe light violet blue with violet blue around the distal end of the midrib on the lower side, large white lower lobe markings with very small violet blue (RHS 96A) spots, small green brown (RHS 151A) palate

Origin & Breeding History: 'Kirilo LV63' is a product of a planned breeding program conducted by the breeder of Kirin Brewery Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. 'Kirilo-LV63' originated from a cross made in March 2003 in Tochigi, Japan, between an unnamed proprietary selection of L. richardsonii as the female parent, and an unnamed proprietary selection of L. erinus as the male parent. The initial selection was in October 2003 based on growth habit, freely branching, sterility, vigorous growth, and good heat and weather tolerance.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted in the summer of 2006 in St. Thomas, Ontario. Trials consisted of 15 plants of each variety, each individually grown in 11cm pots in a polyhouse. Observations and measurements were taken from 10 plants of each variety. All colour measurements were made using the 2001 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Kirilo-LV63' with reference varieties 'Loboudtis' and 'Blue Star'

Internode length (cm)

  'Kirilo-LV63' 'Loboudtis' 'Blue Star'
mean 4.6 2.9 3.4
std. deviation 0.57 0.29 0.51

Sepal length (mm)

  'Kirilo-LV63' 'Loboudtis' 'Blue Star'
mean 9.2 5.7 8.8
std. deviation 0.42 0.67 0.79

Corolla colour (RHS)

  'Kirilo-LV63' 'Loboudtis' 'Blue Star'
upper lobe - upper side 96D 96C 96A-B
upper lobe - lower side 96D with 97B margin 96D with 97B margin 96B with 97A margin
lower lobe - upper side 96D 96C 96A-B
lower lobe - lower side 97B with 97A midrib 96D with 97B margin 96C with 97B margin

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Lobelia: 'Kirilo-LV63' (left) with reference varieties 'Loboudtis' (centre) and 'Blue Star' (right)

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