Loraine Sunshine


Denomination: 'Loraine Sunshine'
Synonym: Helhan
Botanical Name: Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra
Applicant/Holder: Hanson's Rhinelander Floral Co.
2660 County Road G
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
United States of America
Breeder: Brent Hanson, Hanson's Rhinelander Floral Co., Rhinelander, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Keepsake Plants, Ltd.
P.O. Box 370
268 Seacliff Drive West
Leamington, Ontario
N8H 3W3
Tel: 519-326-6121; Ext.224
Application Date: 1999-12-20
Application Number: 99-2011
Grant of Rights Date: 2003-09-29
Certificate Number: 1596
Date rights revoked: 2016-09-29

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Summer Sun'

Summary: 'Loraine Sunshine' differs from the reference variety, 'Summer Sun', in plant height and growth habit, leaf blade variegation, size of the inflorescence and floret disc, and ray floret size and number. The plants of 'Loraine Sunshine' are more compact with an upright to bushy growth habit whereas the plants of 'Summer Sun' are taller with a more narrow, upright growth habit. The leaves of 'Loraine Sunshine' are variegated whereas they are not in 'Summer Sun'. The inflorescence of 'Loraine Sunshine' is smaller, has fewer, shorter ray florets and a smaller floret disc than 'Summer Sun'.


'Loraine Sunshine' is a vegetatively propagated perennial heliopsis variety with an upright, bushy growth habit with a weak degree of branching. The medium-thick smooth stems are light green with weak to medium anthocyanin colouration and sparse pubescence. The simple leaves are opposite, ovate in shape with an acute to cuspidate apex and serrate margins. The leaf base ranges from cuneate to truncate, occasionally auriculate. They are light green on both surfaces with stiff, coarse hairs of medium density on the upper surface and fine hairs of light to medium density on the lower surface. The leaves of 'Loraine Sunshine' are variegated with large white interveinal areas. Leaf petioles are present. The peduncle has no anthocyanin colouration with medium to strong density of pubescence.

'Loraine Sunshine' flowers almost continuously, starting mid-season. The inflorescence of 'Loraine Sunshine' is a flower head which are both terminal and axillary in location. Flower attitude is semi-erect with a medium amount of ray florets. The ray florets are touching with a weakly incurving longitudinal axis of majority. The florets are obovate to oblong with an emarginate to dentate apex. Disc florets are present.

Origin & Breeding History: 'Loraine Sunshine' was discovered in 1992 as a chance seedling from unidentified parents. It was discovered at the premises of Hanson's Rhinelander Floral in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, United States. Selection was based on the unique appearance of the foliage.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'Loraine Sunshine' were conducted in the greenhouse at Yoder Canada Ltd. during the spring/summer of 2002. Trials consisted of a minimum of 12-13 plants per variety with one cutting per 15 cm square pot. Colour characteristics were determined using the 2001 RHS colour chart. Measured characteristics were based on 10 measurements.

Comparison tables for 'Loraine Sunshine' with reference variety 'Summer Sun'

Plant height (cm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 43.5 71.3
std. deviation 7.34 17.67

Leaf blade length (mm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 82.7 111.6
std. deviation 7.82 11.01

Leaf blade width (mm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 53.9 74.7
std. deviation 5.71 10.02

Inflorescence diameter (mm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 48.9 64.6
std. deviation 4.12 1.43

Number of ray florets (where ray florets are less than 25)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 14.1 over 25
std. deviation 2.33 N/A

Ray floret length (mm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 22.7 29.5
std. deviation 2.41 3.84

Ray floret (RHS)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
upper side brighter than 14A brighter than 14A
lower side 12A 14B

Disc diameter (mm)

  'Loraine Sunshine' 'Summer Sun'
mean 12.8 18.5
std. deviation 2.1 4.06
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