Denomination: 'Sanifhoho'
Trade name: Angel Earrings White
Botanical Name: Fuchsia
Applicant/Holder: Nishinomiya City
10-3 Rokutanji-cho, Mishinomiya-shi

Suntory Flowers Limited
Administrative Division
4-17-5 Shiba, Minato-ku
Tel: +81-3-5419-1382
Breeder: Mito Ikeda, Hyogo, Japan
Funakoshi, Hidefumi, Hyogo, Japan
Yasuo Kishimoto, Hyogo, Japan
Yasuyuki Murakami, Shiga, Japan
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-631-6241
Application Date: 2008-03-07
Application Number: 08-6222
Grant of Rights Date: 2010-09-23
Certificate Number: 3946
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2028-09-23

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Diva White / White'

Summary: The upper side of the leaf blade is dark green for 'Sanifhoho' while it is light to medium green for 'Diva White / White'. 'Sanifhoho' has a shorter sepal than 'Diva White / White'. The inner side of the sepal is white flushed with light blue pink for 'Sanifhoho' while it is white for 'Diva White / White'.


PLANT: narrow upright to bushy rounded growth habit, weak anthocyanin colouration in stem

LEAF BLADE: upper side dark green, no blistering, very shallow margin dentation

FLOWER: single type
OVARY: no anthocyanin colouration
HYPANTHIUM: cylindrical, light green (RHS 145C-D)
SEPAL: equal to or longer than petals, horizontal attitude, reflexing apex, outer side white with light green (RHS 145B) at tip, inner side white flushed with light blue pink (RHS 56C) and light green (RHS 145B) at tip
PETAL: outer and inner side white
STYLE: white
FILAMENT: light pink

Origin & Breeding History: 'Sanifhoho' originated from a cross made in 2003 at Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan. The female parent was the proprietary line auf2 and the male parent was the proprietary line ark-6. Seedlings obtained from the cross were grown in pots in the glasshouse and evaluated. In 2005 some seedlings were selected based on flower colour, growth habit and heat tolerance. The selected plants were propagated by cuttings and grown in a pot trial. 'Sanifhoho' was selected in 2006 from this trial.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Sanifhoho' were conducted during the summer of 2009 in a polyhouse at BioFlora Inc. in St. Thomas, Ontario. There were 15 plants each of the candidate and reference varieties. The plants were grown from rooted cuttings which were transplanted to 15 cm pots on May 1, 2009. Observations and measurements were taken from 10 plants on June 30, 2009. All colour determinations were made using the 2007 Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Sanifhoho' with reference variety 'Diva White / White'

Sepal length (cm)

  'Sanifhoho' 'Diva White / White'
mean 2.8 3.6
std. deviation 0.16 0.16

Colour of sepal (RHS)

  'Sanifhoho' 'Diva White / White'
outer side NN155B with 145B at tip NN155B with 145D at tip
inner side NN155A flushed with 56C, 145B at tip NN155B with 145D at tip

Click on image for larger view
Fuchsia: 'Sanifhoho' (left) with reference variety 'Diva White / White' (right)

Click on image for larger view
Fuchsia: 'Sanifhoho' (left) with reference variety 'Diva White / White' (right)

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