Faba bean

Denomination: 'Taboar'
Botanical Name: Vicia faba
Applicant/Holder: Terramax Holdings Corporation
Box 345
Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
S0G 4A0
Breeder: HA van Mierlo, Globe Seeds B.V., Vlijmen, Netherlands
Application Date: 2006-09-26
Application Number: 06-5577
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-12-27
Certificate Number: 3102
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2025-12-27

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'CDC Fatima'

Summary: 'Taboar' has a taller plant height with better tillering capacity than 'CDC Fatima'. The stem of 'Taboar' has stronger anthocyanin colouration than 'CDC Fatima'. 'Taboar' has stronger leaf folding than 'CDC Fatima'.


PLANT: erect growth habit, determinate type, flowers mid season, mid to late maturity, medium tillering capacity, medium anthocyanin colouration of the stem, medium number of nodes

LEAF: grey green, large, medium to long, wide, sub-elliptic shape, medium folding

FLOWER: medium length, white, few at second and third flowering node, mixed wing petal colour, wing melanin spot present, no melanin spot on standard, very weak to weak anthocyanin colouration of standard

POD: erect attitude, medium length, medium to broad width, brown to black at maturity, medium wall thickness, absent or very slight curvature, sub-cylindrical shape, glossy lustre of the surface
SEED: medium size, elliptic shape in cross-section and median longitudinal section, tan colour, tan testa ground colour, small black hilum

AGRONOMIC TRAITS: good cold tolerance, poor to fair drought tolerance, fair resistance to pod shattering, good resistance to lodging

Origin & Breeding History: 'Taboar' was developed by Globe Seeds, Vlijmen, The Netherlands. The original cross occurred in 1976 between the parental varieties 'Rowena' and 'Herts Frya'. A single plant was selected in the F6 generation in 1983 based on high yield, early maturity and low tannin seed.

Tests & Trials: Tests and Trials were conducted during 2005 and 2006 in Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 8 rows, with a row spacing of 17.8 cm. In 2006, the plots were 10 metres long, with 4 replications arranged in a Random Complete Block design, while in 2005 they were 4 metres long with 3 replications arranged in an Random Complete Block design.

Comparison table for 'Taboar' with reference variety 'CDC Fatima'

Plant height (cm)

  'Taboar' 'CDC Fatima'
mean 2005 57.6 49.0
std. deviation 4.58 1.76
mean 2006 45.5 40.8
std. deviation 2.22 2.20

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Faba bean: 'Taboar' (right) with reference variety 'CDC Fatima' (left)

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