Denomination: 'Merel'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'Mèrel'
Botanical Name: Delphinium ×belladonna
Applicant/Holder: van Veen, Jan G.
Veenweg 32
2432 CA
Breeder: Jan G. van Veen, Noorden, Netherlands
Agent in Canada: Variety Rights Management
475 County Road 18
R.R. #2
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
Tel: 613-258-9015
Application Date: 2000-08-04
Application Number: 00-2355
Grant of Rights Date: 2008-04-24
Certificate Number: 3198
Date rights revoked: 2013-09-23

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Loch Leven'

Summary: 'Merel' has a longer pedicel than 'Loch Leven'. The inner perianth colour of 'Merel' is blue while it is blue with more pink in the basal half for 'Loch Leven'.


PLANT: vegetatively propagated, perennial, medium to tall height at flowering, sparse degree of branching, sparse to medium amount of foliage, green stem

LEAF: no pubescence on upper and lower sides, moderate glaucosity on upper side, dark green colour on upper side, deep to very deep lobes, weak to medium serrations of the margin

INFLORESCENCE: cylindrical spike shape, medium length, medium width at widest point, ratio of inflorescence to overall height medium to high, few laterals present
FLOWER: very long pedicel, angle of pedicel in relation to the inflorescence rachis is medium, flower spacing is wide to very wide, lowest flower broad to very broad in width
PERIANTH: very few to few segments present, obovate, mucronate tending to rounded apex, smooth margins, main colour of outer segments is blue (RHS 101B), with yellow-green (RHS 144C) secondary colour found along the the ribs on the basal half, colour of inner segments is blue (RHS 101B), with purple (RHS 76B) secondary colour found on the basal half towards the margins, white eye with a flat configuration and broad width
SPUR: short to medium in length, semi-downward to downward orientation

Origin & Breeding History: 'Merel' was selected from a seedling population resulting from a controlled cross in 1994, in Noorden, The.Netherlands. The original cross took place in 1993 between unnamed selections of "Belladonna" and "Elatum" type varieties. The objective of this breeding program was to create new Delphinium cultivars with outstanding floral characteristics on strong plants with attractive foliage.

Tests & Trials: The detailed description is based on the UPOV report of Technical Examination, CPVO reference number 2000/1663, application number AFP 7/75, grant number 11447, purchased from the CPVO, Angers, France. The trials were conducted at NIAB, Cambridge, Great Britain in 2001, and 2002.

Comparison table for 'Merel' with reference variety 'Loch Leven'

Color of inner perianth (RHS)

  'Merel' 'Loch Leven'
main slightly paler than 101B 100B becoming paler and more pink at the base

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Delphinium: 'Merel'

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