Crab Apple

Denomination: 'Jefgreen'
Trade name: Emerald Spire
Botanical Name: Malus ×adstringens
Applicant/Holder: Jeffries Nurseries Ltd.
Box 402
Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
R1N 3B7
Breeder: W. G. Ronald, Jeffries Nurseries Ltd., Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
Application Date: 2010-10-05
Application Number: 10-7084
Grant of Rights Date: 2013-12-23
Certificate Number: 4684
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2031-12-23

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Jefspire' (Purple Spire Rosybloom)

Summary: The leaves of 'Jefgreen' are elliptic in shape with serrate margins whereas they are ovate with crenate margins in 'Jefspire'. 'Jefgreen' has dense pubescence on the lower side of the leaf blade whereas it is very sparse on 'Jefspire'. The flowers of 'Jefgree' are purple red whereas they are light blue pink on 'Jefspire'. When ripe, the seeds of 'Jefgreen' are dark brown whereas they are red brown in 'Jefspire'.


PLANT: columnar shaped tree, upright growth habit, short to medium height, dense to very dense branching, medium growth rate, early flowering

STEM: red brown, thick, medium pubescence, round in cross section, smooth bark, no glaucosity, medium to dense number of lenticels

BUD: small to medium size, reddish-brown, conical shape, pointed apex, very dense pubescence
BUD SCALE: very large size, conical shape
LEAF: simple leaf type, alternate in arrangement
LEAF BLADE: elliptic, acuminate apex, cuneate to oblique base, serrate margin, lobing absent, no pubescence on upper surface, brown green (RHS189A) on the upper side, no variegation
LOWER SIDE OF LEAF BLADE: dense pubescence, brown red (RHS 182B), strong intensity of anthocyanin colouration of the veins
PETIOLE: strong intensity of anthocyanin colouration (RHS187A)

FLOWER: dioecious, cyme, axillary location only, rotate shape, strong fragrance
FRUIT: simple fleshy pome, orange-red, very strong skin glaucosity, sparse pubescence
SEED: medium size, dark brown

DISEASE RESISTANCE: resistant to apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) and fireblight (Erwinia amylovora)

Origin & Breeding History: 'Jefgreen' originated as a result of the open pollination of Malus x adstringens 'Rosybloom' crabapple. 'Selkirk' is believed to be the male parent. 'Jefgreen' was selected in the research block of Jeffries Nurseries in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in the spring of 2006. Selections were based on growth habit and foliage colour. Asexual reproduction of the new cultivar by budding onto 'Dolgo' crabapple rootstock, first began at Atlasta Nurseries in Chilliwack, British Columbia during the summer of 2007.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Jefgreen' were conducted outdoors at Jeffries Nurseries Limited in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba during the summer of 2011. Two year old budded trees of 'Jefgreen' and 'Jefspire' were planted in the spring of 2008 and grown in a field for 2 years. In April 2011, 10 trees of 'Jefgreen' were potted into 22 litre pots and 10 trees of 'Jefspire' were potted into 38 litre pots. All colour determinations were made using the 2001 Royal Horticulture Colour (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Jefgreen' with reference variety 'Jefspire' (Purple Spire Rosybloom)

Colour of the upper side of the leaf (RHS)

  'Jefgreen' 'Jefspire' (Purple Spire Rosybloom)
main 189A 187A

Main flower colour (RHS)

  'Jefgreen' 'Jefspire' (Purple Spire Rosybloom)
upper side 60D 62C
lower side 60D 62C

Secondary colour of flower (RHS)

  'Jefgreen' 'Jefspire' (Purple Spire Rosybloom)
upper side 62C 61C
lower side 62C 61C

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Crab Apple: 'Jefgreen' (right) with reference variety 'Jefspire' (left)

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