Denomination: '1839V'
Previously Proposed Denomination: '1857 RR'
Botanical Name: Brassica napus
Applicant/Holder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB
Onsjövägen 13
SE-268 81
Breeder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB, Svalöv, Sweden
Agent in Canada: Lantmännen SW Seed Ltd.
510 Blackthorn Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7V 1A8
Tel: 306-955-9620
Application Date: 2004-06-21
Application Number: 04-4251
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-03-26
Certificate Number: 2721
Date rights surrendered: 2009-02-03

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'SW ARROW' and 'Impulse'

Summary: '1839V' differs from 'SW ARROW' and 'Impulse' in glyphosate tolerance, depth of leaf margin dentation, days to flowering, silique length and silique beak length. '1839V' is resistant to glyphosate herbicides whereas 'Impulse' is not. The depth of the leaf margin dentation of '1839V' is shallow whereas it is medium in depth in 'SW ARROW'. The plants of '1839V' flower earilier than both reference varieties. The silique of '1839V' is shorter than that of 'Impulse'. The silique beak of '1839V' is longer than that of 'Impulse'.


PLANT: open-pollinated Round-up Ready spring seasonal type, short at maturity

LEAF: dark green, few lobes, rounded margins with shallow dentation

FLOWERS: yellow

SILIQUE: short to medium in length, medium to long beak, medium-length pedicel

SEED: black

QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS: erucic acid 0.04% of total fatty acids, high glucosinolate content less than 30 µmol/g

Origin & Breeding History: '1839V' was developed by Svalöf Weibull AB, Svalöv, Sweden.The variety was derived from a cross made in 1998, with selections made in the F2 based on quality traits and blackleg tolerance. Pedigree selection was performed in subsequent generations with one of the last selections being the original plant of '1839V'. Breeder seed multiplication began on the F5 generation.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted during the summers of 2004 and 2005 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 2 replicates of 8 rows spaced 15 cm apart, were 1.75 metres wide and 3.25 metres long. Plots were laid out in randomized complete block design.

Comparison tables for '1839V' with reference varieties 'SW ARROW' and 'Impulse'

Means are based on a two year average of 60 plant parts for silique measurements. Differences are significant at the 2% probability level based on LSD values.

Days to flowering

  '1839V' 'SW ARROW' 'Impulse'
mean 43 46.5 49.25

Silique length (mm) (p less than 0.001)

  '1839V' 'SW ARROW' 'Impulse'
mean 54.9 54.9 61.7
std. deviation 6.25 7.083 7.777

Silique beak length (mm)(p less than 0.001)

  '1839V' 'SW ARROW' 'Impulse'
mean 11.0 9.1 9.4
std. deviation 2.487 4.478 7.727

Silique pedicel length (mm)(p less than 0.001)

  '1839V' 'SW ARROW' 'Impulse'
mean 18.7 20.6 19.4
std. deviation 4.613 4.853 3.652

Plant height at maturity (cm)(p less than 0.001)

  '1839V' 'SW ARROW' 'Impulse'
mean 100.0 112.1 114.6
std. deviation 8.511 12.808 7.890
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