MSL 527C


Denomination: 'MSL 527C'
Botanical Name: Brassica napus
Applicant/Holder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB
Onsjövägen 13
SE-268 81
Tel: 46 702 013 031

Norddeutsche Pflanzenzücht
Hans-Georg Lembke KG
Hohenlieth, D-24363
Tel: 043 51 736 130
Breeder: Lantmännen SW Seed AB, Svalöv, Sweden
Dietmar Brauer, Norddeutsche Pflanzenzücht, Holtsee, Germany
Agent in Canada: Lantmännen SW Seed Ltd.
510 Blackthorn Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7V 1A8
Tel: 306-955-9620
Application Date: 2003-08-27
Application Number: 03-3830
Grant of Rights Date: 2007-05-18
Certificate Number: 2744
Date rights surrendered: 2008-05-28

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Defender'

Summary: 'MSL 527C' differs from 'Defender' in number of lobes, leaf margin type, depth of margin dentation, flower colour, silique beak length, pedicel length and plant height at maturity. The leaves of 'MSL 527C' have very few lobes with a sharp margin with shallow leaf dentation whereas the leaves of 'Defender' have few lobes with an undulating margin with very shallow dentation. The flowers of 'MSL 527C are yellow with white stripes in some environments whereas the flowers of 'Defender' are yellow. The silique beak and silique pedicel of 'MSL 527C' are shorter than those of 'Defender'. The plants of 'MSL527C' are taller than the plants of 'Defender' at maturity.


PLANT: male sterile mother line, spring seasonal type, tall at maturity

LEAF: dark green, very few lobes, sharp margins with shallow dentation

FLOWERS: yellow with white stripes in some environments

SILIQUE: medium in length, short beak, very short pedicel

SEED: black

QUALITY CHARACTERISTICS: erucic acid less than 0.2% of total fatty acids, high glucosinolate content less than 30 umol/g

Origin & Breeding History: 'MSL 527C' was derived from a cross made in 1999 in Hohenlieth, Germany in conjunction with Svalöf Weibull AB, Svalöv, Sweden. Selection criteria included male sterility, earliness, straw stiffness, high oil and protein content, low glucosinolate and erucic acid content.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted during the summers of 2003 and 2005 at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Plots consisted of 2 replicates of 8 rows spaced 15 cm apart, were 1.75 metres wide and 3.25 metres long. Plots were laid out in randomized complete block design.

Comparison tables for 'MSL 527C' with reference variety 'Defender'

Means are based on a two year average of 60 plant parts for silique measurements. Differences are significant at the 2% probability level based on LSD values.

Silique beak length (mm) (p less than 0.001)

  'MSL 527C' 'Defender'
mean 8.29 10.7
std. deviation 2.575 2.521

Silique pedicel length (mm) (p less than 0.001)

  'MSL 527C' 'Defender'
mean 13.2 22.0
std. deviation 2.686 4.350

Plant height at maturity (cm) (p less than 0.001)

  'MSL 527C' 'Defender'
mean 139.8 125.4
std. deviation 17.887 12.419
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